About us

Garage Clinic Warehouse Train station Factory Airport Shopping mall

rothopro is a member of the Rotho group, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic consumer products in Central Europe.
We design, manufacture and market advanced Waste management solutions for professional users and B2B enterprises such as:

Healthcare institutions

  • Hospitals
  • Elderly Homes
  • Clinics

HoReCa business

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Factory canteens
  • Catering industry

Industrial enterprises

  • Factories
  • Small businesses
  • Offices

Heavy traffic areas

  • Airports
  • Exhibition halls
  • Public event areas

Our products are designed to provide an improved user interface. We implement innovative 'combined materials' technology to achieve plastic durability with metallic look.

rothopro offers solutions for:

  • Efficient waste separation
  • Hands Free operation according to HACCP guidelines.
  • Easy bag replacement

rothopro operates a pan-European logistics system to deliver its product range across the world. Longterm experience coupled with Swiss quality and a passion for innovation define the success of rothopro brand.